Pesto is one of the easiest pantry items to make and is the one where you will probably notice the biggest distance between the flavour of the store stuff and the real stuff. Most of the ingredients cost under a fiver all-together, the only expensive part is the pine nuts (Tesco do a small bag for €4 which is the perfect size). It’s definitely something I recommend you try your hand at, trust me, you’ll never go back.


A good bunch of nice and fresh Basil, (go good quality here, it will pay dividends),
4/5 cloves of garlic,
100g of Parmesan cheese,
Small bag of pine nuts,
Salt and pepper,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
-Take the basil leaves off the stalks, finely dice the stalks and add all of the basil to the food processor.
-Peel  the garlic and slice the parmesan roughly then add to the food processor.
-Turn it on and keep adding the olive oil until you get a thick put pasty consistency.
-Add salt and pepper to taste, then pour it carefully into your jars.



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