How to Roast the Perfect Chicken (and make a nifty sandwich in the proccess)

The Perfect Roast Chicken


I seriously love a good sandwich. They are the mainstay of the Irish lunch market as you walk around Dublin these days, which is unfortunate as they are usually full of crap peddled from prepackaged delis in your local Spar or whichever. What sucks is that it is quite easy to make yourself a really cheap and deadly sambo for much cheaper and it will seriously be the envy of everyone in your office block.


The one I am going to show you here is a basic roast chicken one that I do every now and again. As always I recommend you get yourself to a butcher and get a nice free range Irish chicken. Definitely won’t set you back more than a tenner but you will notice the difference I guarantee. The chicken keeps really well once it is cooked so you can make one or two of these up at the weekend and then keep it in your fridge to make sandwiches during the week. Simple no?


If you wanted you could also seriously pimp this one out by making your own bread like the one in my previous recipe. Do I maybe go on about how much I love bread a little too much?


1 whole (Irish) Chicken

2 tbs Dried oregano

Zest of one lemon

100g soft butter

1 loaf of good bread. (Not Brennans ok?)

1 bag of washed watercress



-Preheat your oven to about 180 degrees.

-First we are going to make a flavoured butter. Mix the lemon zest, oregano and a decent pinch of salt and pepper into the butter. If you like you could add a little chilli or whatever you want really.


The finished product


-Now take your bird and remove any string or giblets etc that are on the chicken. Working from the back (big hole) of the bird start to push your hand in between the skin and the breast of the chicken.

-Once it is starting to come off get some of your butter in your hand push it under the skin.

-Make sure you work it all the way down on either side. This ensures that the breast stays nice and juicy while it good as opposed to going dry and tasteless.

-Any leftover butter can be spread everywhere else on the chicken: Drumsticks, thighs, wings etc. All of this adds to the flavour.

-Then all that’s left is to put it on a baking tray and cook for about 1 ½  hours. That should get it really well cooked so it just falls off the bone.

-While it is still warm debone the chicken. Put your knife between the base of the thigh and where it joins the torso and press down firmly on the joint you will find there. That will remove both of the legs.

– Next place your knife in the centre of the breast and cut down either side of the breastbone to remove the breast.

-The leg meat should be fairly easy to remove from the bones. Once that is done discard all the waste and chop up the meat into nicely sized chunks, depending on your tastes.

-Slice yourself some wedges from the loaf of bread and set a big pile of your succulent chicken meat on one of them. Bit of watercress on top. Spread some of the aioli on another slice and press it down onto your sandwich.

-You now have an acceptable Manwich for any occasion. Enjoy .


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