Runny Eggs and Soldiers

Runny Eggs and Soldiers

 Moving my Mom into her new house in the last two months has been a nostalgia ridden affair to say the least.  When myself and my lil’ sis were cleaning out the attic in the old place we came across literally every toy and teddy from when we were kids. Some things I remember down to the tiniest detail, some I don’t remember at all, and some give me little more than a feeling. The kind of feeling you get deep in your bones that just says; “This is important.”

          This nostalgia trip isn’t helped by the fact that she is moving into the area where I spent my formative years. I saw people working in the supermarket I hadn’t seen since I was fifteen. I walked past the husband of the woman who used to take care of us after preschool. He hasn’t aged a day. Memories of old friendships, days out, days in, old flames rattle around my head as I heave boxes of clothes and piles of furniture up four flights of stairs.

           The decision seemed obvious really when the question of “Breakfast” started to rise. The most child oriented of breakfasts. Which, I learned, is still awesome to this day. Boiled egg and soldiers. I havn’t had this since long before I remember but it is deffinitly something  I associate with my younger years.

2 eggs per person

2 slices of bread per person

lots of butter

-Get a pot of water on to boil, about half full and start toasting your bread.

-You only want to barely toast the bread, very light brown at most.

-When the water starts to boil set a timer for 6.30 minutes and pop in your eggs. Use a spoon to set them into the water so they don’t crack on you.

-While these are cooking you can start on your fried bread. Usually this is just toast but I thought I would make them a little more delectable and rich.

-In a large frying pan melt a decent chunk of butter. These no time for health now, this is breakfast, Mark style.

-You know what to do next right? Yep. Thats right. Gently lay the bread into the butter and watch as it goes rich and moist and crispy and golden and delectable and oh so perfect for dipping in perfectly runny eggs.

-Do this with all the bread, keep adding butter to the pan as it’s needed as the bread will soak up a lot.

-Once your egg timer goes off put the pot in the sink and turn on the cold tap. As soon as you can, remove the eggs from the water and place in egg cups ready for eating.

-Cut your toast into soldiers and plate up. Serve a little extra butter and seasoning at the table so people can help themselves as they eat through the eggs.

-Watch as everyone present becomes a kid again. 😀



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