The Best Star Trek Cake EVER!

Enterprise B


           This cake was a task and a half. It started a few weeks before Seans birthday. I was thinking of making him a cake for the party. I went through a few different ideas. He is a bit of a sci-fi buff. So I tried to think of things that are do-able. So naturally all of my ideas were incredibly hair brained and ridiculous.

                A cake version of Battlestar Galactica. The original Enterprise. Space Dock (star trek). A Tri-corder. The solar system? I eventually remembered seeing some of these small models in Sean’s room at one point and decided a relatively easy way to make a massive space-scape with all of the ships flying around.

                Most of the cake was just a basic Victoria sponge. With one corner a giant dome of rocky road. But this is neither the time nor the place to talk about the recipes. This cake was more than a cake. It was a two man, 18 hour, blood, sweat and tears construction effort. Special mention has to go to my lil’sis Ruth. She, making up the other man of this two man effort, seriously helped me get this thing done and I genuinely couldn’t have done it without her.

              We made about 9 loaves of sponge. One massive bowl of rocky road. Another triple layer victoria sponge. One failed batch of fondant icing and three batches of slightly less unsuccessful icing. Twenty five stars and one large Star Trek symbol. This all took quiet the while. But you can see the fruits of our labours here.

Original Series Enterprise and Enterprise D

Enterprise D and Enterprise A in the distance










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