The Croquet Cooler

Croquet Cooler


            My first big job during college was working as a cocktail bartender for an events company that worked around Ireland. Before this I had been learning a good bit about food and cooking etc at home from books and tv shows but it was during this time that I started to get experience in mixology. I learned about basic cocktails. How to run a cocktail bar. I bought some books. I devoured these books and then before long I was whipping up mojitos, cosmos and old fashioned’s. Pretty soon, I was inventing my own drinks and showing off at parties. I loved it. It was a great way to combine a bit of showmanship with my love of the culinary arts.

           So its about time I start putting some of my cocktail inventions on here. The first is one I did recently for a college party in UCD. Myself and the events manager, a very lovely girl named Rosie, (Who is entirely lovely and shouldn’t be angry with Mark one bit.) came up with a few interesting ideas for drinks.

See, isn’t she lovely?

           We settled on names for some of them but the last was a stickler. A music video came on the tv next to us in the cafe and it was about some preppy teenagers in small town America. Some guys were showing off to some girls by playing croquet. When did that become a cool thing to do? “Ya’know what will impress all the bitches? Croquet!” said no man, ever. So with this absurdity it would seem that we had stumbled upon the moniker for our greatest achievement. The Croquet Cooler.

          It’s a really light and zingy drink and looks great for any event where you want to add a bit of class.

1 measure white rum

1 measure pineapple juice

0.5 measure mint sugar syrup

1 measure lime juice

Ginger ale


Lime slices



-So to start off fill the glass you are going to use with cubed ice. This will start to cool the class down as you make your drink, ultimately insuring the the drink is super cold when it’s served.

-Next half fill your cocktail shaker with ice and add the rum, pineapple and lime juice and the sugar syrup.

-Seal the shaker and shake vigorously for 10 seconds or untill the outside of the shaker starts to form a lot of condensation.

-Open the shaker and using a Hawthorne strainer drain the shaken mixture into the serving glass. Top the glass off with the ginger ale and add the garnish.

-The garnish can be anything you want. But personally I love this one. Using a speed peeler, shave off a thin strip of cucumber and wrap it in a fancy way around a full, round slice of lime on a cocktail stick as per the photo. Pop it on top of the drink and watch as your regular evening becomes 73% more classy. Guaranteed.*

Enjoy 😉

*not a guarantee 



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