Rocky Road

Rocky Road


             Ah, Rocky Road. Is there any greater or simpler pleasure in life? Well there might be, but that is the subject for one of the thousands of “rumpy pumpy” websites out there, not this one. On this website I only want to deal with chocolate. And lots of it. Mixed with marshmallows. And biscuits. And chocolate chips. And More CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Damnit,….. I made a mess…….

600g Chocolate (any kind will do but I find a good mix of dark and milk chocolate to be the best)

300g Butter

1 large handful of marshmallows

8/10 digestive biscuits

1 bar of white chocolate

2 tbs honey

-Firstly get a small pan of water on to a gentle simmer and a think, heat proof bowl over it to start warming.

-Into this bowl pour your cruelty, malice and will to dominate all life 600g of chocolate and the butter.

-Stir this ever few minutes as everything starts to melt together.

-When you start to get a nice smooth consistency take it off the heat. The residual heat in the water and the bowl will finish it off.

-Be very careful at this point not to burn the chocolate, you will notice it start to split and become grainy as it overcooks. This is not what you want and will just mess up your whole day. Lets face it, who needs that?

-Add the honey and start breaking in the biscuits and the white chocolate and cutting up the marshmallows.

-Line a baking tray with cling film and pour in your hot chocolate mix.

– Spread it out evenly so it’s nice and thick.

-Place it in the fridge for about 3 hours. Use your judgement here, if you made your’s thinner, it will take less time.

-Take it out of the fridge when it is solid, turn it out of the tray, remove all the cling film, cut it up into chunks that could only be described by your mother as “Ah now, here are ya going with that? That’s too much!”

Then all that’s left to be done is to show your mother that, No. It isn’t “too much.”



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