Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

          Well this is going to be my third steak sandwich recipe. Needless to say, I like the occasional steak sandwich.

          This one is slightly different in that it uses minute steak. These are a cheap cut of meat that, due to how thin it is, can be cooked very quickly. They are also quite forgiving so there’s no need to worry about cooking times etc.

          You can knock out a sandwich like this in less than ten minutes without breaking a sweat.


2 minute steaks

100g grated cheese (Manchego or just your basic cheddar works well)

1 crusty bread roll

3 shallots

Red Wine Vinegar

Rocket Lettuce

-Peel and slice the shallots as thinly as you can. Get a frying pan on a high heat with a lug of olive oil and season well with salt and pepper.

-Get the shallots into the pan along with a few tablespoons of red wine vinegar.

-Reduce to a medium heat and fry for about ten minutes.

-Put another pan onto a high heat, preferably a griddle pan as this will be for your steaks.

-Season your steaks well and pat with a little oil. Don’t oil your pan, just the steaks.

-When the pan is smoking hot, place down your steaks.

-Flip the steaks over about every minute. The steaks should be done after about three to four minutes.

-In the last minute or so cover the steaks in the cheese. When it is thoroughly melted and delicious and stringy and  delectable place both steaks straight into your waiting bread roll.

-Cover over with the onions and the lettuce. Attempt to fold it up and serve. Job done.




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