Preserved Olives

Preserved Olives

          I made these recently, along with a whole host of other goodies, for my Mom as a present and she loved them! This is something I have been getting into a lot lately, making gifts, preserving things. It a lot of fun and a whole lot cheaper than just buying the things.

         They are also really adaptable. Theres not a lot of flavours that don’t transpose well into preserved olive form. For these ones I went with a little coriander seed, garlic and basil. If I was doing it again though i would probably steer clear of the softer herbs. The basil seemed to bruise a bit in the jar. I’m sure it still tastes fine but one could think it a mite unsightly.

          I got my olives from the Real Olive Company and they are amazing! Great value products in all of the markets around Dublin that you would care to show your face at.

1kg mixed un-stoned olives

2 cloves of garlic

1 tbs coriander seeds

1tbs fennel seeds

1 bunch of fresh basil

Good olive oil

-Sterilize a large glass jar (or jars) by placing it in boiling water for ten minutes then drying in a 100 degree oven.

-Lightly crush some of the seeds in a pestle and mortar.

-Peel the garlic but leave the cloves whole.

-In the still hot jar, pile in the garlic, seeds and herbs.

-Fill with olives

-Pour over the olive oil until the level is 1cm from the top and covering all of the olives.

-Close the jar while it is still hot. This will ensure a strong seal.

-Leave it to settle for about a week or two and then enjoy the spoils of your effort.



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