Sautéed Mackerel with Fried Potato

Sautéed Mackerel and Fried Potato


          The next edition in what is fast becoming a little mini “Simple Summer Supper Series” is a cool little number I threw together a week or so ago. I had gotten a few mackerel fillets in a market the day before and wanted to do something interesting with them. I then realised, “Mark you fecking idiot don’t cock up good ingredients!” So I did nothing. I boiled a few potatoes. Seasoned the fish a little and ate it. It was divine. Heston isn’t going to be knocking down my door any time in the near future but thats not what everyday cooking is about. It is about doing simple, quick things to good ingredients.

          So what are we waiting for?

1kg of floury potatoes

4 Mackerel Fillets

Handfull of salad leaves per person

200g butter

-Start with your potatoes. Peel them if you like, I usually don’t be I did here just for a little extra finesse (and incase Heston did indeed pop round)

-Get a large pot onto a medium/high heat and season well.

-Chop up the potatoes roughly and get them in the water while it’s still cold (general rule of thumb, if it grows below the ground put it in cold water. Above the ground, hot water)

-They should take about fifteen or twenty minutes of boiling to soften up to mashable consistency.

-Once you are confident with them, drain them then add in the butter and mash them really well. You want a very smooth consistency for this.

-Test them for seasoning, now is the time to adjust if it needs it.

-On to the mackerel. Along the skin side cut small slits across the fillet. This will help them cook evenly and get the seasoning into the flesh.

-Large frying pan on a high heat. Tablespoon of sunflower oil.

-Season the fish well with salt and a little pepper.

-Place the fillets skin side down away from you so as not to splash yourself.

-Give them about five minutes on this side and about three on the other. Press down on them a little at the beginning to make sure the skin cooks properly. Don’t move them around too much.

-In another pan, heat a little oil. With clean hands, make small patties out of the mashed potato.

-You totally don’t have to do this, I just think it’s a kind of nice touch.

-Gently fry the mash patties on each side for about three or four minutes in the sunflower oil.

-Serve the mackerel with a handful of some kind of salad leaf (I used lambs lettuce here but rocket would be good, or watercress) and one of the fried mashed potato patties.

Sit back with a cold beer on a lazy afternoon and enjoy.


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