Spaghetti Carbonara


This is a classic. One of those dishes that once I learned it was the mainstay of my college diet. So simple and quick that you can put on the pasta, have a cuppa tea, then make the sauce as the pasta is finishing off. Simple. It’s also pretty handy as there is usually the makings of the dish knocking about in your fridge.

          It is also fairly adaptable. If you have a little leftover chicken? Add a little chicken. Don’t have bacon? Don’t add bacon. This is probably the simplest version I like to make. Is it healthy? Probably not. Is it delicious? Damn straight it is.


3 slices smoked streaky bacon

1 tsp fresh thyme

2 cloves of garlic

1 egg

200ml cream

-Put two portions of spaghetti into rolling boiling water that has been well salted.

-While this is cooking, get a large pan on a high heat with a little olive oil.

-Chop up the bacon and get it into the pan. You want this nice and crispy.

-When the bacon is almost there, dice your garlic as finely as possible and add it, along with the thyme, into the pan.

-When the garlic is cooked and the bacon beautifully crispy, take them out of the pan and lay on a piece of kitchen paper.

-Pour your cream into the pan with all of the oil which has been perfumed with the garlic and herbs.

-Turn you heat down low and allow the cream to come to a light simmer.

-Take the pan off the heat.

-When it’s cooked, drain the pasta, keeping a little of the starchy cooking water by putting a mug under your colander.

-Toss the pasta into the pan with the cream. Mix in a little of the pasta water.

-Beat the egg in a cup and add it to the pasta.

-Give this all a good toss and mix everything in together well. This is where you want to add a little more of your starchy water if it is getting a bit thick and stodgy. You want the sauce and pasta to be loose and silky.

-Serve it up on a large plate and top with your crispy bacon and grated parmesan.

-I also served it with a bottle of Carlsberg but that’s really more of a personal preference.



2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Carbonara”

  1. You need to try carbonara the traditional way. Eggs, no cream!

    The magic that happens when you mix beaten eggs, cheese & water from cooking the pasta… It’s the type of cooking chemistry that gets me so very excited about making food!

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