Steak Manwich

Steak Manwich

        So this is something I have touched on a little before here. But if there is one thing that deserves two (if not more) posts on this blog it is the ever incredible, steak sandwich.

       With this in mind I filled my fridge with steak and beer and before I could count to ten there were four lads in my kitchen. Ladies, take note.

       This is a kind of cool way of making a sandwich. You can try it out with any kind of filling you like but I like to keep it for special occasions. It is a fairly neat little trick to have up your sleeve. One final point, it is so important that when you are finished cooking the steak to leave it rest for at least five minutes. This allows the meat to relax and all the juices go back to where they are supposed to be so your meal isn’t tough and dry and awful.

3 Rib eye steaks

1 bunch of thyme

2 bloomer/tiger bread loaves

1 knob of butter

Red onion marmalade

3 mozzarella balls

1 bunch of Rocket

1 clove of garlic

-Start by slicing the loaf of bread in half (from top to bottom, not lengthways) then removing all of the dough from inside. This will leave you with a hollow half loaf of bread. Perfect for stuffing full of deliciousness.

-Then get a large frying pan on a high heat. Add a little oil and allow to get really fucking hot.

-Season your steaks well with salt and pepper, then when the pan is good and hot, gently lay the steaks in.

-You want to give them about 6-8 minutes for medium on an average steak, turning every minute or so.

-While they are cooking, chop the clove of garlic in half and rub it over the hot meat, this will give a light and delicate flavour to your steak.

-Pop in a little butter for extra flavour and rub it into the meat with the bunch of thyme. This will make an amazingly rich, creamy sauce to serve with the steak.

-Take care of the steak here and it will pay dividends in the end.

-When the steak is cooked to your liking, remove from the hot pan and do nothing.

-Leave it there.

-Seriously, don’t touch it.

-Go away, get your mozzarella balls and marmalade ready.

-Have a beer.

-Check Facebook.

-If you have managed to leave the steak sit for five minutes I’m impressed (seriously, not sarcastic in the slightest. Well, I say slightest,…).

-When the meat is rested, start to slice it up.

-Now you are ready to start assembling you sandwiches.

-First go in with the steak. Then a layer of cheese. Then a layer of the red onion marmalade and finally some rocket.

-There you have it. Nothing else to it but to sit down with a beer and shoot the breeze. Enjoy


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