The Big Grill BBQ Festival

Last week I had the opportunity to work with some absolutely incredible chefs and food people of all walks of life at the first Big Grill Festival in Herbert Park. Here are just a few of the adventures we got up to over the weekend, including the pain event, the 30 hour slow roast of a whole pig.

IMG_7378agrv (Large)
I said BBQ is delicious, I didn’t say it was healthy.
IMG_7377agrv (Large)
Legs of lamb searing off before being smoked for a few hours over Irish turf and apple wood.
IMG_7379agrv (Large)
Apple Wood, Cedar, Oak and Irish Turf provided the fuel for the weekends festivities, along with a healthy dose of lumpwood charcoal
IMG_7341 (Large)
The setup for John Relihans demos.
IMG_7353 (Large)
The smoker, hard at work.
IMG_7363 (Large)
Smoked Lamb legs
IMG_7357 (Large)
John working on the meats in the smoker
IMG_7354 (Large)
Beer can chicken. Not sponsored by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It’s just delicious.
IMG_7351 (Large)
Beer can chicken, smoked and ready to go.
IMG_7371 (Large)
The Lamb legs getting carved up for the crowds

IMG_7352 (Large) IMG_7349 (Large) IMG_7347 (Large) IMG_7346 (Large) IMG_7345 (Large) IMG_7344 (Large)


In our cosy little demo area we also had the lads from Living Wilderness Bushcraft School to show us how to make a fire without matches, build any and all cooking equipment out of nothing but a pocket knife and some branches and even fillet the entire skeleton out of a fish.

IMG_7411agrv (Large)
OUr demo camping area.
IMG_7395agrv (Large)
That kid is loving his Ice Cream / Fire demo combo.
IMG_7421agrv (Large)
Not just a great Barbeque chef, now also a fire master.
IMG_7425agrv (Large)
Johns Fire in it’s infancy

The showpiece of the weekend though had to be the Whole Hog. We smoked this bad boy for about 30 hours in a cylinder block pit. John had the apparatus made up for his own festival in Duagh, Kerry the week before and we got some seriously good use out of it aswel.

IMG_7342 (Large) IMG_7343 (Large) IMG_7435agrv (Large) IMG_7442agrv (Large) IMG_7418agrv (Large) IMG_7412agrv (Large) IMG_7382agrv (Large) IMG_7375agrv (Large) IMG_7420agrv (Large) IMG_7419agrv (Large) IMG_7410agrv (Large)


Overall an incredible weekend and I am seriously excited for next year!



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