Fire is an incredible thing. A hypnotic dance of colour, grace and power. It brings us light, heat community and propelled us from cave dwelling primates living around the equator to becoming the dominant species on the planet. Forging, steam power and the internal combustion engine, none of these would have been possible without first mastering fire. But I would argue that all of these inventions, crafts and leaps in human engineering pale in comparison to the pinnacle of Mans use for flame. The S’more.

This American campfire tradition is a hideous, Frankenstein’s Monster of delectability. Nothing reduces grown adults to children faster than the satanic combination of playing with fire and licking oozy marshmallow and melting chocolate off their fingers. Why any civilized person would voluntarily eat one I will never know. That’s exactly why we don’t invite them to our campfires.

Digestive Biscuits
Thin Chocolate Bars

IMG_7928agrv (Large)

-This is more an ideology than a recipe. First start with a long metal skewer with two marshmallows on the end.
IMG_7929agrv (Large)
-Set up the other half of your s’more by placing two digestive biscuits down with a few squares of chocolate on one of them.
-Start to toast the marshmallows over the fire, I usually make these just over the dying embers of a BBQ after an afternoons grilling.
-When they start to go golden and crispy on the outside lay them down onto the biscuit with the chocolate.
-Place the other biscuit on tap and gripping the marshmallow with the two biscuits pull the skewer out.
IMG_7936agrv (Large)
-The chocolate will start to melt and combine with the marshmallows and soak into the biscuits and become incredibly delicious.
-Get it into your face. In whatever fashion you see fit and whatever part of your face is more preferable to you.

IMG_7932agrv (Large)

You will never look at fire the same way again.

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