Sweet, Spicy and Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

A month or two back I had the pleasure of working at the Big Grill festival in Herbert Park along with John Relihan of Barbecoa in the demo tent. To say that we had fun would be an understatement of insultingly large proportions. We were supposed to cook up set dishes like a full Rib-Eye on the Bone, a Smoked Duck Breast, rubs and sauces and all manner of barbeque staples.

Once we arrived however and got talking to the organisers they pretty much gave us leave to do as we pleased with the equipment we had at our disposal. In came whole lambs, broken down into ribs and shoulders and legs, chickens, steaks, onions, chillies. We were smoking anything and everything we could get our charcoal encrusted hands on.

My personal favourite of the weekend has to be the Beer Can Chickens we did. Mustard and paprika and honey and marmalade gave those birds a skin like you wouldn’t believe, while a trust can of Sierra Nevada made sure the meat stayed succulent and tender. It was an incredible thing to eat and an even more difficult thing to dispense to the masses of awaiting punters at the demos. I felt like I was stuck in an episode of Walking Dead more often than I was comfortable with.

These drumsticks are a more accessible for an easy dish that works a treat for parties. Give it a try and I guarantee you will be doing your chicken this way for a long time to come. All credit to John for this recipe.

IMG_7811agrv (Large)

12 Chicken Drumsticks
2 Tbs Frenchs American Mustard
2 Tbs Smoked Paprika
Half a jar of orange marmalade
5 Tbs of Honey
1” Piece of Ginger
1 Small Bunch of Coriander

-Place all of your drumsticks in a large bowl and spoon the mustard on top.
IMG_7813agrv (Large)
-Using your hands, coat each drumstick well with the mustard.
IMG_7814agrv (Large)
-Next add in the paprika, and a little salt.
IMG_7815agrv (Large)
-Again mix them all up well. You want to have a relatively even coating on each drumstick of the mustard and paprika mix.
IMG_7816agrv (Large)
-Lay all of your drumsticks out onto a grill tray with the rack on. This allows an even distribution of heat.
IMG_7817agrv (Large)
-Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 25 minutes, this will vary a bit depending on your oven.
IMG_7818agrv (Large)
-While they are cooking you can make up your secret chicken weapon that will change your life. The sweet orange glaze. Start by grating your ginger and finely chopping up the leaves of the coriander (save the stalks for a killer carrot soup).
IMG_7821agrv (Large)
-Add these, along with the honey and marmalade into a small saucepan.
IMG_7822agrv (Large)
-You don’t really want to cook this so much as bring it together, so about 5/10 minutes over a medium to low heat will be fine.
IMG_7823agrv (Large)
-Remove the drumsticks from the oven when they start to get a bit of colour and go crispy.
IMG_7838agrv (Large)
-Now this is the fun bit, one by one, dip each of the drumsticks into your sweet and sticky glaze and give them a good turn over in it. Place them all back in the oven for about five to ten minutes.
IMG_7842agrv (Large)
-When they come out they should be golden and tacky and the aroma from the glaze should fill every room in your house. And maybe a few from next door aswel.
IMG_7848agrv (Large)


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