A Casual Fling and Breakfast Burritos

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Dublin is undergoing something of a “fling” with the burrito. It’s ok though. We both know what it is. It’s just casual. We are both having fun. Neither of us is looking for something serious right now. Dublin is just experimenting with different kinds of food. We just got out of a string of long term relationships, first the Breakfast Roll, then the Chicken Fillet. We needed something fun for a while.

But I think it’s only polite that after a night of Pinto Bean Passion that we offer to make breakfast before kicking the poor thing back out onto the streets. At least until we drunk text them after the work night out next Thursday that is.

I think I might have a suitable breakfast right here. The Breakfast Burrito. The perfect combination of our loves and theirs. An even playing field. But something I don’t think Dublin has seen much of yet. For shame on all those burrito establishments! Well here is your no strings attached breakfast burrito, sorted.
IMG_7942agrv (Large)
6 Slices of Smoky Bacon
100g Chorizo
5 Eggs
3 Spring Onions
100g Cheddar Cheese
Small Bunch of Fresh Coriander
2 Small Tomatoes
2 Large Flour Tortillas
Tabasco Sauce
Chipotle Sauce

-Slice up the bacon and the chorizo and add them into a hot pan with the finely chopped stalks of the coriander. They might need a tablespoon of oil to get started but the fat should render out of the chorizo quick enough. Preheat your grill to high.
IMG_7943agrv (Large)

IMG_7947agrv (Large)

IMG_7946agrv (Large)

IMG_7944agrv (Large)
-When they have gotten dark and crispy, remove them from the pan onto a piece of kitchen paper, try to reserve as much of the rendered fat and oil as possible for the eggs.
IMG_7948agrv (Large)
-Crack your eggs into the pan, still over a high heat. Let them cook together for about 5 minutes or so or until the whites are nearly set.
IMG_7949agrv (Large)
-While these are cooking, grate your cheese and slice up the spring onions.
IMG_7945agrv (Large)

IMG_7950agrv (Large)
-When the eggs are good to go scatter all of the cheese and spring onions over the top and place your pan under the hot grill for about five minutes.
IMG_7951agrv (Large)

IMG_7952agrv (Large)
-While the cheese is melting, finely chop up your tomatoes and coriander leaves.
IMG_7953agrv (Large)

IMG_7954agrv (Large)
-When the eggs come out from the grill they should look gooey and melty and delicious.
IMG_7955agrv (Large)
-Using a spatula, lightly break and mix up the eggs and the cheese all together so you end up with a kind of scrambled eggs. Don’t be afraid of bursting your perfect yolks, these are going to give you a totally unique scrambled egg consistency.
IMG_7956agrv (Large)
-Lightly heat your tortillas under the grill for about a minute each side and then lay them out. In the centre of each one (you should get two servings from this recipe), pile a big spoonful of the egg mixture.
IMG_7957agrv (Large)
-Next, add on the chorizo and bacon, and the tomato and coriander mix. Sprinkle a little Tabasco sauce to give it an extra bit of bite.
IMG_7958agrv (Large)

IMG_7959agrv (Large)
-Starting from one end, wrap it up tightly in the warm tortilla and you are good to go.

IMG_7963agrv (Large)

Serve this beast with a side of chipotle sauce and you have a hangover breakfast that will help you forget anything that came before.


5 thoughts on “A Casual Fling and Breakfast Burritos”

  1. Awesome breakfast burrito. Great method. Thanks be to goodness we are no longer in a serious relationship with the breakfast roll or the breaded chicken fillet. Makes me feel ill.

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