A Seven Minute Lunch for a day on the go.

When you are working the antisocial hours of an average kitchen you really have to jump on any free days you have. There isn’t an awful lot of time for going to the bank or getting your laundry done or even having a quiet pint and a read in the local cruiser, so your days off tend to be a mad flurry of chores, errands and quick catchups with people you really should spend more time with. I had one such day earlier this week.
DPP_0020 (Large)
During my early morning shop I came across this new pasta I had never seen before called Tripoline. It’s somewhere between linguine and pappardelle with one edge crinkled up. Very exciting looking. I had an idea for just a quick plate of pasta before heading back out for the afternoon. Cooking with pasta is something that I really enjoy but don’t get to do often enough. There’s something pretty challenging in putting on the pasta and knowing that in seven minutes you have to have a sauce or something ready to go with it.
DPP_0001 (Large)
250g Tripoline Pasta
2 Slices of Stale Bread
1 Tsp Dried Herbs
100ml Olive Oil
3 Cloves of Garlic
2 Tsp Dried Chilli Flakes
3 Rashers of Smoked Bacon
1 Lemon
1 Small Bunch of Parsley

-Get a large pot of water boiling and a large frying pan onto a high heat.
-First we are going to make pangritata, a crispy breadcrumb topping that really rocks with this pasta. Tear up the two slices of bread into chunks and blitz in a food processor with a little olive oil and some dried herbs. Whatever ones you fancy. I used oregano here.
DPP_0003 (Large)
DPP_0006 (Large)
-When your water is boiling, pop in the pasta and put on the lid. Seven minutes on the clock.
DPP_0008 (Large)
-Pour the breadcrumbs from the processor into the hot pan and toast until golden. This should take two minutes. Five minutes left.
DPP_0007 (Large)
DPP_0009 (Large)
-Set aside onto a piece of kitchen paper or tea towel.
-Into the empty pan you want to add the 100ml of olive oil.
-Peel and finely slice up the garlic.
DPP_0010 (Large)
-Add this to the hot oil, it will start to bubble and colour.
DPP_0011 (Large)
-Add in the chilli flakes after about thirty seconds.
DPP_0012 (Large)
-While the chillies cook, slice up the bacon and add it in to the pan.
DPP_0013 (Large)
-Cook these up for about two minutes.
DPP_0014 (Large)
-At this stage your pasta should be perfectly al dente. Soft and tender but still with a little bite.
-Lift it out of the boiling water and straight into the pan. The pasta is going to hit that oil that has been infused with garlic and chilli and smoky bacon and it will mingle its own cooking liquor to make a mind blowingly good sauce.
DPP_0015 (Large)
-Mix up the pasta with the oil really well and juice in the lemon.
DPP_0016 (Large)
-Chop up the parsley and add it to the pan.
DPP_0017 (Large)
-Serve immediately with lashings of the pangritata on top. From start to finish in well under fifteen minutes. Can’t go wrong.
DPP_0021 (Large)


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