A day of Forging with Calnan and Anhoj





Last Sunday, instead of doing normal Sunday things like having a lie in and going for brunch, Reading the paper in the pub or watching some football, myself and my mate Rob became Blacksmiths.


There is a very cool little forge by the name of Calnan and Anhoj in Russborough House near Blessington that run one or two day introductory courses in forging. It was one of these that Rob got me for my Birthday this year. On Sunday last we headed off to learn how to forge our very own knives. DPP_0001 (Large)

Gunvor giving us all a demonstration in the correct heats for forging.DPP_0002 (Large)

DPP_0003 (Large)

DPP_0004 (Large)

Examples of knives we could make.DPP_0005 (Large)

A mock up of the design for my knife.DPP_0006 (Large)

The out line of Robs one.DPP_0007 (Large)

Before and (hopefully) after.DPP_0008 (Large)

Gunvor pulling out the chunk of metal that will become the knife.DPP_0009 (Large)

DPP_0011 (Large)

The power hammer is a serious bit of kit.DPP_0012 (Large)

DPP_0013 (Large)

DPP_0014 (Large)

DPP_0015 (Large)

DPP_0016 (Large)

Drawing out my handle.
DPP_0017 (Large)

DPP_0018 (Large)

Flattening out the actual blade side of the knife.DPP_0019 (Large)

DPP_0020 (Large)

DPP_0021 (Large)

Not sure if he is posing here or just stands this triumphantly all the time.
DPP_0022 (Large)

DPP_0023 (Large)


DPP_0026 (Large)

DPP_0027 (Large)Rob putting the finishing touches on his knifes handle.
DPP_0024 (Large)

DPP_0025 (Large)

DPP_0028 (Large)

DPP_0029 (Large)

DPP_0030 (Large)It is really starting to take shape now.

DPP_0031 (Large)

My WorkstationDPP_0032 (Large)

DPP_0033 (Large)

DPP_0034 (Large)

Robs knife ground and ready for sanding.DPP_0035 (Large)

DPP_0036 (Large)

The final cutting edge being sanded onto the blade.DPP_0037 (Large)

DPP_0038 (Large)

DPP_0039 (Large)

The end result.

DPP_0040 (Large)

The knives made by the whole group.

The day was tough, the hammers and heavy and punding them off semi solid steel for six hours with give you fore-arm cramps like you wouldn’t believe, The heat from the fires was intense and your back gets pretty stiff pretty fast bending over an anvil. It is hard work but it was incredibly rewarding. The forge is an amazing space to work and every step of the way was clearly shown to us.

I can’t recommend this place enough. Definitely check it out.


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