Asian Style Breakfast Noodles

I am no stranger to an interesting breakfast dish. On an average weekday I either forgo the breakfast thing (bad idea), neck a can of Redbull (worse idea) or manage to swindle a bowl of porridge off the Sous Chef (better idea.) Weekday breakfasts don’t really inspire me a whole lot. There’s no time to sit and eat well at breakfast. There’s always a bus to catch or an extra five minutes in bed that keeps you from making that delicious granola.

Slightly more relaxed breakfasts however pique my interest somewhat more effectively. Recipes like this are what I like to experiment with when I have a morning of leisure. What is amazing to think of is that all over the world they have startlingly different ideas of what constitutes a breakfast dish. In Vietnam, Pho (one of my all-time favourite dishes) is traditionally eaten solely in the morning. There is a similar story all over Asian. A well-seasoned noodle dish to give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

This is my very general take on the concept. It is a handy recipe I keep around for mornings where I am feeling a little indulgent. The soft egg yolk acts as a sauce to help season the noodles as you slurp them down in their spicy, sweet dressing. Just what you need to kick the day into gear don’t you think?

200g Egg Noodles
1 Spring Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic
2” Piece of Ginger
1Tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Lime
2 Eggs
1 Red Chilli
1 Small Bunch of Mint
300g Fresh Green Vegetables (I had mangetout, green beans and tenderstem broccoli)
DPP_0001 (Large)
-Firstly we are going to make our dressing. Peel and grate the ginger into a small bowl.
DPP_0002 (Large)
-Finely slice up the spring onion and add it in.
DPP_0003 (Large)
-Chop up the garlic as small as you can and add it to the mixing bowl.
DPP_0004 (Large)
-Next half and deseed the chilli. Slice it into long lengths and then run through it cross-ways again to give you a very fine dice.
DPP_0005 (Large)
-Add this to the dressing along with the soy sauce.
DPP_0006 (Large)
-Add the zest and juice of the lime.
DPP_0007 (Large)
-Top this off with about four to five tablespoons of olive oil or sesame oil if you have it.
DPP_0008 (Large)
-Whisk all of your ingredients together well to make the dressing for the noodles.
DPP_0009 (Large)
-When you are ready to eat, get a large pot with a lid, full of water, up to a rolling boil.
DPP_0010 (Large)
-Add the noodles and all of your vegetables to the water and replace the lid. These should take no more than five to six minutes. Perfect amount of time to get a fried egg on.
DPP_0011 (Large)
-Get a small pan with a few tablespoons of sunflower oil onto a high heat. When it starts smoking, add in an egg.
DPP_0013 (Large)
-While the egg cooks away, pick and slice up the mint leaves.
DPP_0012 (Large)
-Cook the eggs to your liking. I went with soft sunny side up. The classic fried egg.
-When the noodles and vegetables are ready to go (they should retain a bite to them when tasted) drain them and add them to a large mixing bowl.
DPP_0014 (Large)
-To this, add your dressing and the sliced mint (reserve a little of this for serving).
DPP_0015 (Large)
-Give the noodles a thorough mixing in the dressing and portion out into bowls.
-Place a fried egg on top and garnish with a few pieces of mint and chopped chillies, if you could be so inclined.
DPP_0016 (Large)


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