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Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry


This was one of the first recipes I learned to make a few years back when I first got into food in a big way. It was early summer and there was a gaping Leaving Cert shaped hole in my free time which I was all too happy about. While I spent most evenings in the cinema or drinking in a field (I was still underage at the time, don’t tell the Feds) It was coming up on my lil’ sisters birthday and I wanted to cook something special for her.


She is a massive fan of thai food and was at the time a regular customer of Siam Thai in Dundrum. As part of my unofficial training I was watching all the first seasons of Jamie Olivers Naked Chef back to back. The day before the big meal, with little or no inspiration in my head this recipe came on the show. Fate, some would call it. Fucking good luck to me.


You can add any veg you like really or just have it as meat and the curry broth. I always like to serve it with fluffy basmati rice but noodles would work just as well. The paste I used is the one that I had on the site before, you can find it here or if you don’t have time you can just get a good one from the supermarket and it will do the same job. This is enough to serve two.


4 tbs Thai Green Curry Paste

2 Chicken Breasts

1 mug basmati rice

1 tin of coconut milk

1 bulb of fennel (finely sliced)

1 handful of green beans

1 handful of asparagus

Sesame seed oil


-Slice up the chicken breast into 1 inch square pieces

-Mix into the paste and leave to sit for at least half an hour or overnight if you can.

-Once these are marinated and ready to go, get a medium pot onto a med/high heat.

-Add in the mug of rice followed by two mugs of boiling water. As the rice cooks it will absorb the water and leave you with perfect rice every time.

-Next, add a tbs of sesame oil to a wok and get this onto a high heat.

-Add to this the marinated chicken and fry quickly until coloured. Make sure to keep the chicken moving constantly so not to burn it.

-Once the chicken is cooked, add in the  veg and continue to stir fry for another 5 to 7 minutes.

-Next you want to go in with the coconut milk. Once this is boiling your dish is ready. Usually, in perfect time for your rice aswel.

-Serve with a squeeze of lime juice and a few fresh coriander leaves and you are sorted for a quick and seriously good weekday dinner. Enjoy.



Green Curry Paste

Thai Green Curry Paste Thai Green Curry Paste[/caption]


Thai green curry is something I have always loved when we go to an Thai place for dinner, however my love for it pales in comparison to my lil’ sisters obsession. So when her birthday rolled around this year and she asked me to cook for her there seemed only one option. And here it is; my take on a classic Green Curry. This is a fair bit rougher and a bit stronger than your average curry but I guarantee it will blow your mind.


For serving this, marinade a few pieces of chicken/lamb/beef in about half a jar of the sauce for 2/3 hours. Chop up some veg and heat your wok. Stir-fry the veg and the meat together then add the other half of the jar of paste and a tin of coconut cream. Serve with fluffy basmati rice. Pure Joy.


6 scallions,
4/5 cloves of garlic,
1 large thumb sized lump of ginger,
One large bunch of coriander,
5 stalks of lemongrass,
6 lime leaves,
5/6 green chillies (depending on taste),
Juice and zest of two limes,
Salt and pepper,
Extra virgin olive oil,


-Peel the ginger, garlic and remove the outer layer on the scallions and lemongrass. Add to the food processor along with the coriander stalks, deseeded chillies and the lime leaves.
-Whiz for a minute then add the coriander leaves, lime juice and zest, salt and pepper and turn the processor on again.
-Add the oil bit by bit until you get a thick pasty consistency.
-Once it’s finished, pour the sauce into a jar (this recipe should make enough for two jars), Seal it and leave it in the fridge for some lazy night where you get that itch for a curry.