Product Policy

As you lovely people may or may not know a big part of writing a food blog is product reviewing and giveaways. This however can get a lot of people into pretty murky water. What products exactly has he accepted to review and which does he just actually use on a day to day basis? If he accepted them for free is he just saying he likes it because he wants more things?

I know these are things that tend to cross my mind when reading other blogs (I read way too many blogs), so here, just to put your mind at ease, are the guidelines I use when accepting or reviewing products.

-I will never write a false review of a product just because it was free. You guys have honoured me by reading this blog and the last thing I would want to do would be to jeopardize that for a free melon baller.
-I like to only review products that could fit in with the style of food and drink that I write about here. I would have no use nor need for a china tea set and as such shall not be accepting free ones any time soon.
-I absolutely will not accept payment to write good things about a restaurant, product or service. If I like something, I say so. If I don’t like something, you can be damn sure I’ll say that too.
-I will always champion the products of smaller artisan producers ahead of the larger name brands.

If you have any other questions about any of the inner workings of this little corner of the web, feel free to drop me a line.


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