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Stupidly Simple Couscous Salad

Feb '12 010


This salad again is really easy and if you are in the middle of making a big dinner can pretty much be whipped up in the time it takes them to get off the couch and to the table. It is a very basic recipe and can be adapted to whatever you have to hand, like if you don’t have coriander, use basil or any other herb you happen to have.
100g couscous,
2 Jarred roasted red peppers,
Handful of fresh coriander,
1 tin of sweetcorn,
1 red onion,
1 lemon,
Olive oil,
-Pour the couscous in a bowl and cover by about a centimeter with warm water.
-Chop up the peppers,  coriander and red onion. Make sure the onion is finely chopped because the last thing you want is someone getting the mouth knocked off them with a big chunk of onion.
-After about 5-10 mins the couscous should have absorbed all of the water, give it a bit of a mix up and then add all your chopped ingredients
-Give the bowl a generous lug of good olive oil, and then squeeze in the juice of the lemon.
-Give it another mix up and season to taste.
-If it is still a bit stiff add some more olive oil to loosen it up.