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Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Red Cabbage Coleslaw

I have been making slaw like this for the last few years. It really was a revelation for me when I realised coleslaw was not that horrible mayonnaise-y crap you get from plastic tubs in Tesco. All squishy cabbage and mushy carrots and no flavour.

In contrast a serious, old school pickled slaw is a thing of simplicity and grace. Just a small handful of ingredients and you are flying. The best part? The longer you leave this to sit in the fridge the better it will be. Perfect for that picnic or BBQ.

One Quarter of a head of red cabbage
2 limes
1 small bunch of coriander
Olive Oil

-Using a very sharp knife or a box grater shred the cabbage head as finely as possible. The finer you get it, the better the end result.
-Place all of the shredded cabbage in a large bowl.
-Zest the limes into the bowl. Roll them slightly to loosen the juice, then juice them in aswel.
-Finely chop the coriander and add it in with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of olive oil.
-This is the fun bit, using your hands, scrunch the cabbage together with the dressing. Don’t be gentle with it. You need the lime juice to start pickling the cabbage and making it edible.
-Once you have based and mixed your cabbage around a good bit, leave it aside. The longer you leave it here the better. You can eat it immediately but overnight is preferable.
-Enjoy with grilled or roasted meats or a sandwich or anywhere you would usually have found that crappy white sludge before.


Top 5 Best Salads for Picnics

BBQ’s and Picnics can be a dodgy endeavour. Without proper planning you can see an awesome day at the beach turn seriously sour at the drop of a hat. Your BBQ isn’t working properly, you forgot to bring all the ingredients for your salad, Jake never packed his suncream and is getting burt (despite the clouds) or maybe you just aren’t getting along with your Aunt.

Whatever the reason, one way to seriously lighten your load is to have 90% of your food done the night before. Having all of that complicated nonsense out of the way will allow you to totally focus on the more important things, like how annoying your Aunt is being.

To help you with that, here are my Top Five Night-Before Salads for every Al-Fresco Adventure.

Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Couscous Salad

Couscous Salad

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Nutty Noodle Salad

Nutty Noodle Salad

Easy and Spicy Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad


Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls


 Man, sausage rolls are good. I mean good sausage rolls. Not the shoddy, moist (and somehow dry) overcooked things you get in Spar. Real sausage rolls made with real meat and real pastry and cooked properly with a little love and attention and flavour. Give me a decent sausage roll and I can probably take over the world.*

          These little beauts are based on a Jamie Oliver recipe (as most of my “Original” creations are) that he did in his 30 minute meals book. I have used it numerous times and they always come out perfect. The best thing is they take about five minutes to prep, sit happily in the oven for twenty and then are fit to be enjoyed by the masses.

          Use the puff pastry straight from the fridge. If you have it frozen just defrost in the fridge overnight. You can use any sausage you like. I have gone for a pretty good quality Pork, Apple and Sage number that treats me well every hungover Saturday.

1 Sheet of puff pastry

6 large sausages

1 tsp of fennel or cumin seeds

Parmesan Cheese

1 egg

-Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

-Roll out your sheet of puff pastry onto a floured surface (or just leave it on the plastic it came in to avoid making a mess)

-Slice it in half lengthways.

-To the side of each piece of pastry line up your sausages.

-Grind up your fennel/cumin seeds in a pestle and mortar (or just use ground if you have it) and sprinkle a little over each sausage.

-Grate over some (or loads, whatever) of the parmesan cheese.

-Fold each of your long strips over and press the edges together firmly.

-Use the tines of a fork to crimp it together so it doesn’t open when it cooks.

-Next crack your egg into a small bowl and whisk together.

-Coat the sausage rolls in a little of the egg wash using a pastry brush.

-Cut each section in half and each of those halves in thirds. This should give you 12 little sausage roll bites.

-Sprinkle a large baking tray with flour and set your rolls evenly apart on the tray.

-Place them in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes or until they are golden on top. That will be your best indicator for how cooked they are.

-When they are done, pile them high in a bowl and serve with a bowl of ketchup for dipping. Perfection.

*Well maybe a continent. I’ve played Risk. World domination is hard.